2 for £10 house cocktails every Thursday night

& 2 for £10 house cocktails until 8pm every Friday & Saturday night.

cocktail bar in Darlington

(Cocktail menu subject to change. Please see menu on the bar for full details)

Mojito £6.50
a classic mix of havana white rum, sugar, mint and soda water, served over crushed ice

Long Island Iced Tea £6.95
Gin, Rum, Tequila and Vodka mixed with lemon juice, layered on top of ice cold Coca-Cola

Bloody Mary £6.50
Vodka & Tomato Juice served with dashes of Pepper, Tobasco and Worcestershire sauce

Cosmopolitan £6.50
Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, and Cranberry juice served ice cold with an orange twist

Pornstar Martini £6.50
Passionfruit Liquer, Vanilla Vodka and Passion juice shaken & served with a shot of prosseco

Applepassion £6.50
Blue Curacao, Apple & Passion Juices, with a black vodka layered float

Bramble £6.50
A blend of Gin and citrus juices, softened with creme de mure, served over crushed ice

Hasty Jenny £6.50
Amaretto, Apple Juice and blue curaçao shaken long over ice

Strawberry & Cucumber Breeze £6.95
Strawberry Syrup, Gin, Lime Juice and diced
cucumber, topped up with soda water and served over crushed ice

Cherry Bakewell £6.50
Amaretto, Cherry sourz, lime juice shaken over
ice with cranberry juice. spring classic

Sex on the Beach £6.50
Archers peach schnapps and cranberry juice, layered underneath vodka and orange

Margarita £6.50
Tequila, Lime Juices and triple sec served ice
cold in a salt rimmed glass

French Martini £6.50
Raspberry vodka, Chambord, and Pineapple
Juice shaken and chilled

Eton Mess £6.50
Vanilla vodka, Strawberry syrup, Sugar syrup,
and Cream

Very Berry Martini £6.95
Grenadine, Framboise, Fraise, Cassis mixed
with Raspberry vodka and cranberry juice

Amaretto Sourz £6.50
Amaretto with lemon and lime juices shaken
over crushed ice and sugar syrup to taste.

Thymes Like These £6.50
Honey, Lemon Juice and citrus vodka, shaken with thyme herbs and served over ice with a splash of lemonade.

Mai Tai £6.50
White and Dark Rum blended with Triple Sec and mixed with fresh orange and pineapple juices

Daiquiris £6.95
Frozen flavoured Daiquiris, blended with a
double shot of white rum.

Watermelon Split £6.50
Midori melon liquer, shaken gently with
pineapple juice and cream.

Key West Cooler £6.95
A triple layer of vodka, Malibu and archers,
with Midori, orange and cranberry juices.

Espresso Martini £6.50
Espresso, Vanilla Vodka, Coffee Liquer and a splash of triple sec with sugar syrup

After Eight £6.50
Creme de menthe, Chocolate syrup, Baileys
and sugar syrup.

Aperol Spritz £6.95
Aperol liquer, served in a champagne glass
with soda and fizz.

cocktail bar in Darlington